Jun 18, 2012

James's 2nd Birthday

The real title of this post should be PROCRASTINATION. I've put off blogging about our trip to Utah and James birthday for over two weeks. There's good and bad to having a fantastic camera (blame my fantastic husband!), the bad being THOUSANDS of pictures to sort through. A third of them aren't very good, a third of them are great, and the last third are too cute to delete, even though they are partially blurry or pretty much duplicates of the "great" ones. I try to only pick the best of the best for my blog because blogger is SO SLOW at uploading pictures. I started going through the pictures and found myself becoming more and more discouraged. Halfway through (with 40+ pictures tagged to upload) I gave up. Facebook is so much faster at downloading multiple photos, so you'll have to go HERE if you haven't already seen how our time in Utah went. Here's a quick overview of our visit:
Played with Gramma & Grampa's goaties (2 mama and 5 baby Nigerian Dwarf goats)
Visited the Bountiful Temple
Celebrated James turning two
Hiked up Centerville Canyon
It was lots of fun to go, and so nice to have 4 extra people to entertain and love on the kids. They LOVED spending time with Gramma, Grampa, Aunt Lynsey, Uncle Matt, Nana, and Papa!


  1. My friend gave me the link of this AWESOME photo resizer and it makes uploading pics soo fast.. I will get it from her and send it your way if you want?! Im the same way.. If it takes too long it's just not worth it!! Glad you had a fun trip! I can't believe James is 2!!!! Time flies.

  2. When I blog I use Windows Live Writer. It comes on most PCs nowadays, but you can also download it for free. I connects to your blogger account and publishes directly for you. It seriously rocks. Anyway, I'm so glad you had such an awesome trip and like Jen I can't believe James is 2! It seems like just yesterday we were chillin at the library and he would just sit there, so close to crawling!