Jun 17, 2012

6/18 Menu Plan

Since Mike is actually going to be home this week (as opposed to Denver, or Houston, or Ohio, or wherever it is that he goes to avoid me and the kids provide for our family) I better make a menu. He is still going strong with Paleo, so I really have to plan ahead. The things I can cook without thinking all have pasta in them. Cooking meat feels like a foreign language to me. And since he's off work Friday and Saturday, I have chosen lunches, too. He will cook them if I'm having a bad nausea day, so I've got that going for me. Really it's putting together the menu that's hard; the prep and cooking isn't nearly as difficult. And now that I've whined and made you all not like me, here's what I'm planning for the week:

Mon: Bulgogi
Tues: Polynesian Chicken Salad
Wed: Salmon with Tomato Salsa
Thurs: Caveman Pie
Fri (lunch): Curried Tuna Salad (I know, it's a recipe for chicken salad, I'm swapping for tuna)
Fri (dinner): Indian Meatballs
Sat (lunch): Mediterranean Marinated Steak
Sat (dinner): Tilapia with Mustard Chive Sauce
Sun (lunch): Creamy Chicken Tomato Soup
*usually Sunday evening is "Leftover night", so whatever is left in the fridge is fair game
Mon: Cilantro Lime Chicken

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