Jul 11, 2012

She Lays Idle In The Month of June

I can't recall the rest of that poem (the title of this blog post), but that's how I feel about June. Pretty much the only thing we did in June was buy the kids a trampoline. Exciting for them and, even though I don't jump on it, it's exciting for me because they spend HOURS out there jumping. It's been amazing to watch James get so much better at balancing and jumping. Lily loves to do "tricks" (her favorite lately is "Watch me 'magine": she closes her eyes, spins in a circle, and tells us what she was imagining in her mind) and can bounce really high.

We've also gone one day a week to what's called "Roadside Park" here in Bayfield. There's a stream that runs through that Lily loves playing in. James is a bit more cautious about water (just like his mama) but he still enjoys throwing sticks and rocks in the water.

I'm so glad that James and Lily are friends. I've always hoped and prayed for twins (well, "always" since I changed my mind about having kids at all) and have recently realized that I got them, but one at a time :) James is so big, and Lily so little, that they can play together easily. I sure love having them, and am getting a little more excited about this new baby coming (6 weeks left!).

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