Jun 8, 2012

Birthday/Baby-moon, B&B's, and Fine Cuisine

For Mike's 30th birthday I surprised him with a second honeymoon. Our "real" honeymoon was one night at a B&B just north of Salt Lake because we were married on a Saturday and had to be back to work and school the next Monday, which always felt like a cop-out when I'd hear stories of friends going away for a week to some tropical beach. I was so happy that he was able to take the time off from work for us to spend 3 days just being together.

We started out our child-free time by eating at Fuji Sushi in Centerville. Mike got their Diet Noruko (totally paleo!) and I had them custom make me a roll that I could have - smoked salmon, mango, and cream cheese rolled in nori and shredded coconut. Mmm - I've never been a salmon fan (or a sushi fan) but I dream about this roll.
Diet Noruko - tuna, salmon, crab, fish egg, avocado, wrapped in cucumber
We call this the Snow Mountain :)

 We stayed at the Inn on the Hill for two nights. It was fantastic! We stayed in the Saltair room the first night and the Snow Canyon room the second. Both rooms were fantastic, but the view from the first room was impressive. It was on the second floor and jutted out so you could see all the way down State Street.

Breakfast was superb (we had a delicious Asparagus, Bacon, and Cherry Tomato Strata that I want to recreate) and I would recommend the Inn to anyone. Dinner that first night was at The Roof (we'd both heard lots about it but had never been there) and it lived up to our expectation. We both left the restaurant totally stuffed, so much so that the next day we were barely hungry enough to eat out! But we soldiered on and went to lunch the next day at P.F. Chang's - where we really weren't impressed with the food or the service, so I didn't bother to take any pictures of the food. But here are before and after shots of us:

Ready for a nap
We wandered down to the Gateway theater to watch Hunger Games (we were two of maybe ten people in the whole theater and got prime seating!) which made me want to read the books all over again. For dinner we hit up Macaroni Grill because I was craving some pasta. Funny thing, though, once we got there, we didn't order any pasta. We were still so satiated from the dinner at The Roof the night before that we ended up ordering drinks (Mike's virgito and a ginger-lemonade spritzer thing for me) and a few appetizers (baked prosciutto and mozzarella, bruschetta) and a caprese salad (SO GOOD!!!).
And so ended our birthday/babymoon/2nd honeymoon. It was such a fantastic weekend, and so relaxing. I really enjoyed being able to reconnect and just be with Mike. I'm so happy I married him!

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