Mar 31, 2011

Spring Break in Utah

AKA The Perfect Week for Snow!

Actually, I'm really happy that it ended up snowing while we were there. Lily was able to play in the snow, and Mike and I were reminded that we LOVE Houston weather! We drove to Utah and it was the worse 25 hours of our lives (I'm sure the littles feel the same way!). We won't be doing that more than once a year. While in Utah we:

Said goodbye to Dane, who left to serve an LDS Mission in Latvia for the next two years,
Visited the Living Aquarium,

Celebrated my 29th birthday,
Played in the snow,
And went hiking in the mountains.

We had such a fun time with family while we were there. I'm so thankful we were able to see Dane one last time before he left, and also Hal and Samantha who may be leaving for the Peace Corps in June.

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  1. Amazing range of temperatures and activities in one trip! We had a ball will y'all!!