Apr 3, 2011

Putting Down Roots

Mike and I have been looking at houses since November. We have some restrictive criteria ... well, restrictive to HOA-happy Houston. We've looked at dozens of homes, trying to find that one perfect fit. And *drumroll, please* we FOUND it! The second we walked through it, I knew "This Is The Place".
I'd felt that way before, when Mike came home from his mission - I KNEW he was going to marry me, and I even had the audacity to tell him that. Just the same, I knew this house was going to be ours. 
We went through several counter-offers and counter-counter-offers before we reached an agreement. It's perfect for us: perfect floorplan, perfect lot (a quarter of an acre in Houston is SO hard to find!), perfect location... well, nearly perfect. The house is one street, ONE STREET, outside of our current ward boundaries. *snif* Happily, it's still close enough to stay in touch and play with friends, while being able to make new friends. It feels so right, and we are so happy to have found a place that we can grow and tend to our little family.
We hope to close by the end of April. Thank you, family and friends who have kept us in your prayers.

*Sidenote: It doesn't come with the pool, which leaves us with more room for a garden!


  1. one street??!?!?! That's it??? Grr. Oh well, at least you'll still come to play group and such :) Plus the house is gorgeous and I love your yard. Living at the end of a cul de sac rocks ;)

  2. I can't wait to see it!! I'm loving the cul de sac too... ugh. Wish we could find the perfect house! hope closing goes as planned.. ; )