May 5, 2010

Park Day!

It's been awhile since I've remembered to pull the camera out and document Lily's jump into toddlerhood. We went to the park today and I think I got quite a few good pictures. Good thing, since her melt-down on the way home would have eradicated the happy memories from my brain :)

Lily with her friend Ellie:

Running for the tree:

Not sitting very lady-like in her dress:

Plotting a theft of grapes from Jonas:

Deciding she wants to swing:


Stumbling through the woodchips:


  1. Sooo cute. I love the "unlady-like" pose in her skirt. She's delightful. (It's only when you see 300-women sit like that that it's disgusting.) I love the captions. She's a doll.

  2. She looks so beautiful in her sundress and flower. What a doll! :-)