May 3, 2010

Food Storage Round Up : Week Two

Our first week went by pretty successfully! We had homemade yogurt for breakfast, reconstituted dry milk with meals (at least I did - Mike's not really into dairy), and homemade brownies because I was feeling deprived. I think we all got enough healthy food to eat, but I had to make a few changes to my "No buying anything" strategy. Mike is working on his health, and his doctor told him to have a salad for lunch every day. I went to Costco and bought him a couple big tubs of spring mix lettuce so he won't have to take leftovers to work. I think that his health is worth breaking my rules :)

On to our menu for this week!

Cranberry Beef
Chicken Tamale Casserole
Crepes with "Blintz"
Tilapia with Alfredo Sauce
Masman or Panang Curry (we're going to have Masman)
Teriyaki Chicken

This week I have a bunch of pears about to go bad, so I'm making my Aunt Jackie's delicious Pear Pie. (I bought the pears before I started my food storage journey, which is why they're almost bad!) I'm going to go searching for a pie crust recipe so I can surprise Mike with it tonight!

UPDATE: I found a pie crust recipe that I LOVE LOVE LOVE and so did Mike!

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  1. I totally forgot to tell you, THANK YOU! Your uber-nesting is making my weekly menus so much more exciting! :) Yum-o! Also, your disclaimer on your other blog always makes me smile. You rock my world! (And I live out my child rearing days through your blog!) Someday, you'll convince me that kids aren't as frightening as they seem. :)