Jan 21, 2010

New Year, New You!

Jessi has made a resolution - not for the new year, but for the new baby - to STRIVE to post to this blog every week. With or without photos. Because how else would you all know that we are having a BOY?!?!
Jessi's also going to continue typing this in third person. We're sure you all know she is the one writing these updates, but it just makes it a little easier to keep up with "who" is doing "what". Or is it "whom"?
Jessi went to her first OB appt last Friday and got a good look at the baby's gender *YAY* and is so excited. Probably more excited than Mike. But Jessi has wanted a boy for some time now (don't get me wrong, I love my Lily and wouldn't trade her in for a boy) and is so thrilled to get to use the boat-load of boy clothes she bought last time around.
Mike's started work at BP and is loving being busy. He's a little stressed now that he's actually responsible and accountable, but that stress is a great motivator. He's such a good provider.
We moved into our new house (don't get too excited, we're just leasing it). It gives us three times the space we had in Butte. We're very comfortable living upstairs, where all the furniture is. In time we'll have furniture downstairs and then we'll love being down there too :) I'm hoping someday to get pictures. Just know, Jessi LOVES her kitchen. Cabinet space and counter tops galore! Mike's enjoying home-cooked meals again.
Here are a few photos of the last couple of weeks, since we've slacked on the pictures.
At the hotel, cleaning the kitchen with Mike's sock:
She worked so hard to pick up the wipes while she was standing. So proud:
Jessi took this picture right before Lily toppled off the couch. Bad mommy award:
Lily has cut all of her top teeth! Ignore that she looks drugged:
Last but not least, the big hippo that Mike lives with:


  1. "Big Hippo" hahahahaha uh huh...
    And Julie likes when people talk in the third person, so please, continue to do so. (I'm Julie, btw. haha)

  2. You look adorable. Glad that you have so much space in the new digs. It is always fun to get settled in a new house. Miss ya.

  3. You look Amazing! You have super small legs and arms and then a super cute belly :) And I love hippos... it makes me feel better when I call myself a hippo... because they are kind of cute (the cartoons, not really in real life :)

    Oh! And Your little girl is super cute! Love the pictures :)

  4. you're preggers belly is so cute! I want to come visit you guys in houston so much! Wouldn't that be fun? Now we just have to talk Hal into it...

  5. It's a BOY! That's so exciting. And I will hold you to the weekly posts...I'll be looking forward to them!

    You look darling Jessi and congrats on the new house!