Jan 4, 2010

Balmy Houston

Too often we don't update our blog because we don't have the time to download the pictures that go along with our adventures. Today we're going to suck it up and post a pictureless update!
December was a busy month! Mike was up at the school from 7 am until almost 11 pm most nights working on his final projects and studying for finals. All of his hard work paid off, because he graduated on the 22nd with Honors. Jessi tried not to go crazy with Lily to herself all day - the two of us ended up spending a lot of time playing in the tub so waste the day away!
A week before Christmas break, we got a call from BP's moving coordinator. She informed us that we needed to move *that* weekend! That was a huge shock for us, since we were expecting to need to come back to Butte after Christmas to move. The movers showed up on the Saturday after Mike's last final and packed us up completely by Sunday evening. We're greatful for the way it turned out, because we were able to spend a relaxing two weeks in Utah with our families with no worries about our move.
The day the movers came, Lily decided it was time for her to get moving too! She took her first real steps, and has been unstoppable since. She loved practicing walking with her Grammas and Grampas, and snuggling with her aunts and uncles. While we were in Utah, she cut all four of her top teeth! Even through the pain, she was a great baby. We know we are lucky that she rarely cries.
Jessi started getting super pregnancy-sick during the holidays and has had to start taking anti-nausea pills again. Modern medicine sure is a life-saver.
After New Years, we flew down to Houston to start our new lives as adults :) Everything still feels up in the air (since we don't have a place to live yet) but we are excited to get settled and to enjoy this new chapter in our lives.
We hope you have all had a great year and are starting off your New Year with a bang!


  1. Let us know when you find a place. Hope you start feeling better soon. We miss you guys already. Keep us posted.

  2. I'm glad that you guys made it to Houston safely. Now post some pictures so we can see what it's like!

  3. You had a busier than usual Holiday Season! Moving is always so crazy. Congrats again on the move to a big city.

    Lily is such a sweetie; I can't believe she cut four of her top teeth all at once. She's such an angel!!!

  4. It was great having dinner with you! Hope you are enjoying Houston. I need to come visit the "big city" sometime. I'll let you work on your girl network for a bit before I come down.