Jan 28, 2010

Big Texas Hair

Hmm, no more third person. Gives me a headache.

I've come to the recent conclusion that the reason some people in Texas have HUGE hair is the humidity. It's been relatively dry since we got here, until last Wednesday. It was pretty humid - not quite raining, but almost - and I spent the morning blowdrying and straitening my hair in preparation for a play group at a nearby park. I got outside, we had our play group, and it wasn't until I got back in the car that I noticed I had a fro. My hair is long, below my shoulders, but literally the hair at the top of my head was sticking straight up and frizzy. I'm sure the moms I met for the first time that day wondered what was wrong with my hair. I did some asking around and discovered the answer is "product, and lots of it" if I want to keep my thick, wavy hair lying flat after I straiten it. Which I do. So I'm going to start up a relationship with Frizz-Ease, or whatever cheap-o copy-cat product I can find.

Lily has just figured out that walking is faster than crawling. Until yesterday, if you chased her, she'd drop to her knees and scurry away. Today, she came crawling towards me and halfway across the room decided "enough of this" and stood up and ran the rest of the way. I'm so glad she's getting more comfortable with balance. She's loving books and will pull any book of the shelf to "read". She babbles incoherently to herself all day long, but especially when she's reading her stories.

Baby James announced his intention to be just as active in the womb as Lily was. Lily sure gave me an internal beating (and bruising, and I think a broken rib) and I'm gearing up for more of the same with little James. I'm grimly greatful, because an active baby sure seems like a healthy baby!


  1. I like third person!
    And you just reminded me why I'm never going to live in Texas. My hair would be cuh-raaazy.

  2. Frizz Ease works wonders. My sister used to use it in her hair all the time to make it stay curly and not go frizzy. Hmm, when we come visit you in texas (still have to talk to Hal about that) I wonder what in the world my hair would look like in that humidity...it was super curly in the DR. Guess we'll have to see :)

  3. I keep telling myself that active is good, but it can get annoying, especially at night. Hence, the fact that I am writing this at 4:08 am. Good luck with frizz eaze!!