Dec 16, 2009

All boarding for Crazy Town

We got the call yesterday that the moving company will be here on Saturday (THIS Saturday) to pack us up and ship our stuff to Houston. Like, in 3 days! I'm about to lose my mind. I've been able to arrange for our car to be hauled from Salt Lake to Houston, for a housing search with a realtor as soon as we get there, and have gotten our studded tires taken off the car. Through all of it, I've been pregnancy sick all day, every day - WITH a very mobile one year old to chase around the house.
Plus planning our trip to Salt Lake for Christmas, throw in a handmade Christmas present for my mother (which is not done yet) and I'm ready for my Valium. Oh, and this week is finals, so I'm doing it on my own while Mike studies, works and takes tests until 11 each evening. I can see that we are very blessed to have movers to pack everything up and move it, and blessed that BP will be reimbursing us for our flight to Houston, our hotel and our food during the week where we will be "homeless". However, still stressed.
Lily is getting in one of her top eye teeth! She's also been practicing walking: she'll stand for 30 or so seconds and take a few wobbly steps backward and forward before collapsing, so proud of herself. I'm proud of her too, and so thrilled that she's learning and growing.
I made her a pair of sweater boots using an old sweater of mine. I hope they keep her little legs warm.

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