Dec 1, 2009

Lily is ONE!

Last week we went down to Utah to celebrate Thanksgiving with our families (yay!) and also to have birthday fun with Lily who turned one on the 23rd. She sure loved having cake for the first time and getting showered with attention. She got a lot of nice books and toys and we're so thankful for family members who love her (and us).
We sure loved seeing all of our family over Thanksgiving, especially Beck, who got to meet Lily for the first time. She really took to him.
Jessi is feeling really pregnant. We're 12 weeks along, and she thought if she made it this long without getting morning sick, she'd be in the clear. (With Lily she was sick from 6 weeks to 6 months.) Wrong! Nausea hit her big time over Thanksgiving and now it's a fight to keep from getting sick. Lily is particularly unhappy about it, since Mama gets to "play" in the potty but Lily doesn't :)
On the job front, Mike accepted a job with BP in Houston, Texas! He'll be working North American Natural Gas. We'll pack up right after finals (the 18th, but who's keeping track?) and spend Christmas in Utah, then hop on down to Houston for Mike to start work on the 11th. Jessi is MOST excited about our new opportunity to rent a house! No more apartment living for us! We're looking at homes in Katy, about 20 miles outside of downtown. We are so thankful that Mike found a job, and a good one at that. We will miss all of our Montana friends, but we know the Lord is directing our path.


  1. I LOVE Lily's face in that last picture. It was so great to see you guys and to spend more time with Lily.

  2. She looks like a true princess in that fuzzy crown! Happy Birthday Lily. And that's spectacular news about the new job. Please call me when you are down in Utah for Christmas!!

  3. I love all the cute pictures!!! It was so nice having you guys here!

  4. Man... I almost that that was Mike eating the cake... I guess we defiantly know she got her eating habits from her dad!