Jan 30, 2009

Two Months!

And in the time it took me to blink (or so it seemed) Lily was two months old; smiling, sitting and standing while we held her, and snuggling.

I took Lily on her first road trip! I met my mom at Aunt Jackie's in Blackfoot, ID for a weekend. It was nice to get away and have more hands to hold Lily.

I am so blessed to have a mom who is excited to be a grandma. Mom is so involved in her life and cares about her so much. I sure love having such a close relationship with my mom.

I've learned that I really enjoy making things to use with my baby. I've made "Moby" wraps, slings, hair bows and flowers, toys, crib mobiles and more. It's so fulfilling to know that I've spent my time during the day doing something productive!

By the time Lily was 2 months old, I was ready to *get lucky* but my body wasn't. Because of the too-tight-episiotomy, even thinking about it was painful. I visited with my doctor to see if surgery was the best option. It wasn't worth the additional pain and recovery time, so with the help of our long-time friend and a few weeks of patience (love you Mike!)... success!

I don't remember if I mentioned, about 3 weeks after Lily was born, I decided I want more kids. When Mike and I were first married, I let him know I didn't want to birth my own kids - I was more than happy to plan on adopting kids, but I fear pain so much that having a baby was out of the question. Until I held baby Ian. I didn't expect to want more kids after my first pregnancy; quite the opposite! But holding and loving Lily made me see that it's worth it to have a baby. Now, *making a baby* is necessary to having a baby, so once we cleared that milestone, I felt much better. It's gotten less painful over time. I'm pretty sure I'll have to have an episiotomy with the next baby, so I'll be telling that doctor to leave me room to breathe :)

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