Aug 2, 2008

Being Pregnant Makes Me Sick

Pregnancy has been really hard on my body. "Morning" sick? Yea right, more like "All The Time" sick - for 6 whole months. At one point, I passed out I was vomiting so hard. I haven't been gaining weight because I can't keep anything down (even with anti-nausea drugs). I'm not allowed to take my migraine medication, but am still getting mind-blowing migraines 3 times a week.

I felt Lily move for the first time on July 31st; a few days later, Mike could feel her also! She kicks so hard, always in the same spot, that I'm positive I have bruising internally. She always has the hiccups. It is so comforting to feel her little *tic* *tic* all day and night.

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