Aug 23, 2008

Back in Butte and Busy Already

We got back to Butte, Montana on Tuesday. We started out early, before 8, and made great time. Jessi thought she'd be the last person to admit this, but it was nice to be back. Home is where your heart is, but Jessi's house is where her stuff is, and she's so happy to be reunited with her stuff. :) We really appreciate Jessi's mom and dad for letting her stay with them for the last 2 or 3 weeks - it was so nice to spend time with them and Lynsey.

One of the first things we did when we got back to Butte was buy groceries and Lily's crib. Mike went straight back to work at the school, so the crib didn't get set up right away, but today Mike tackled that project and in no time had Lily's bed ready to go. Too bad we have to wait another week for the crib mattress to be shipped to Walmart. As the days and weeks go by, we are getting more and more excited to have our little girl show up.


  1. The crib looks beautiful! I especially like the cute quilt hanging over the end ;-)


  2. It looks adorable already! And you look so cute!!

  3. Did the Berkeley Pit miss you while you were gone?! Yes...of course. I'm glad you two made it back safe and sound. The crib is gorgeous. It will be perfect for that little darling of yours!