May 1, 2008

It Looks Just Like Mike

Mike and Jessi went in for their first ultrasound with Dr. Sironi today, and got three pictures. The baby was very active, wiggling and moving, and it's heartbeat was strong. Dr. Sironi measured 174 heart beats per minute, and baby is 2 centimeters long. You can see in the photos, it's not shy, it was spread-eagle! Jessi hopes that means we'll have an easy time finding out later if it's a boy or girl. And yes, we do plan on finding out as soon as we possibly can. Jessi wants to be able to call the baby by it's name, instead of just calling it "the baby".
In other news... Mike and Jessi are almost done with school! Jessi has 2 finals to take, and Mike has 4, all next week. The moment we are done with our last final, we are leaving Butte for the balmy weather of Farmington, New Mexico. Mike has an internship there with ConocoPhillips and will start work May 12th. We'll be heading through Utah and plan to stop for a couple of days to visit some special soon-to-be first time grandparents (both sets)! With Jessi not having a job anymore, she's been able to get a lot of the packing done already. Her planning (and over-planning) have helped make the task seem easy. We're still not quite sure where we'll be living, but we're trusting the Lord (and the landlord) to find us a good place to be.


  1. CONGRATS to the Parents to Be! Your baby is ADORABLE! :) Isn't it amazing that they can take a picture of something so small? I love Ultrasound Pictures. What are your favorite names for him/her?

    And good luck with Finals! That's always a stressful time. We are so happy for you three! :)

  2. He/She looks like a little toy. That's awesome.

    By the way, if you can't wait to find out what you're having, just ask a 4 or 5 year old to tell you. I can't believe how accurate they are.

    It's funny cause they seldom say, "I dunno". They almost always tell you with an astounding degree of certainty. And they're usually right.