May 13, 2008

Happy Birthday to Michael

Today is Mike's 26th birthday! We had our big celebrations with family on Friday and Saturday, so tonight will just be a fun, relaxing night with the two of us enjoying each others company.
We had our last final on Thursday morning, and left immediately after for Utah. We were so excited to get to spend the weekend with our families. We got to do some fun Mother's Day things for our mom's, and some neat things for Mike's birthday. Friday we went with Jessi's family to Tucano's, a brazillian steakhouse, and if you've never been to one - whoo buddy are you missing out!!! All you can eat meat, meat and more meat. Saturday Mike worked with his brothers on his mom's new garden, tilling the mulch and building a fence so Judy's chickens won't get into the garden. We had lots of fun with our family. Sunday morning we started our journey to Farmington, New Mexico. It was a beautiful day for driving and we made really good time. Farmington is a beautiful city! Jessi's been surprised at how big Farmington is (compared to Butte). It has two Walmarts, dozens of small shopping centers, several nice sit-down-restaurants, and a Target! She's in heaven. Mike's really excited about the "world class" fly-fishing and outdoor activities. For now we are living in a 4 bedroom house until the landlord has an apartment open up; although we're not in a rush because the home we're in is gorgeous. Jessi can't wait to be in a home of her own someday. Our first day here, Jessi lay in the back yard reading and burned something terrible! She forgot her skin hasn't seen the sun in over two years and it was sure to burn like crazy!
Jessi's pregnancy has been going well, she still gets quite sick and is trying to deal with all the new feelings (physically and emotionally) that she's got. We'll be getting to a doctor in the next couple of weeks and if we get any more pictures we will post them quickly!


  1. Happy Birthday Mikey!!
    Wow, 26....your finally getting old enough to be a daddy.
    We miss you guys. Hope things are working out in NM

  2. Hope everything is good today!

    Mike, enjoy the ride. I read about you in D&C 124: v15 ... I the Lord love him because of the integrity of his heart, and because he loveth that which is right v55 ... prove yourselve unto me that ye are faithful in all things ... that I may bless you. v87 in me, and cease to fear ... If ye love me ... the land shall redound to your glory.

    Jessi, I wish I could take away the discomfort of pregnancy but I can't. Take care of my grandbaby. I hope it knows how much I love it and pray for it.

    I love you guys tons.

    Dad Barrus