May 25, 2008

Our First Video Attempt

For Mike's birthday two weeks ago, Jessi's parents gave us a video camera. They seem to think that Jessi will keep looking good enough during this pregnancy to allow Mike to record her ever growing tummy. We'll see about that one. We have recorded a short clip (make sure to turn off the music at the bottom of our blog to hear our thrilling conversation) that will show you how busy Jessi's days are.

Tho, we must add, Jessi has started a part-time job and does more than just lay around the house all day! She's working this summer for San Juan County, maintaining volunteer databases for the Tres Rios National High School Rodeo which is being held in Farmington this year. It's a huge deal, with people competing and volunteering from all over the South. She only works from 9-1, so she's still able to take Mike to work and eat lunch with him. She has really enjoyed being able to spend so much time with Mike.
Mike has been busy with his summer project at ConocoPhillips, and is starting to feel comfortable with all of the responsibilities he has. His mentor hasn't been as personable or helpful as we had hoped, but Mike has found other great resources around the office and feels positive about where his project is heading.
We still miss our family and Butte friends terribly! We hope this Memorial Day is good for each of you!


  1. You're in New Mexico?!! Did your bodies go into shock once they felt the heat...after leaving "Butte the Iceberg"? Jessi - I'm so glad you could go with Mike this year on his internship! And, by the way...I Love the video!

    PS - Has Mike done any "two-man cart-wheels" lately??? :)

  2. You know how LDS missions prepare a guy for a career, kind of?

    I think pregnancies prepare the parents for parenthood. By the time the baby comes, the mom is used to getting very little sleep... and the dad is used to doing pretty much everything around the house.

  3. Hey there Mike and Jessi. Cute Blog. Love the video. Looks like you are staying busy! Just kidding. You look so cute pregnant. Hope all is well. Congratulations on having a girl. Lily is a cute name. Take Care.