Mar 19, 2008

Don't Miss Butte When We're Gone

We're back to Butte after a 5 day trip to Utah. We loved visiting our families and getting to spend some time with Lynsey (Jessi's sister) after an 18 month mission in Ireland. She's doing great and we're so proud of her, and happy about the woman she's become. Mike got to assist his dad putting up a new wall frame and was a big help (or so we're told).

We got back to Butte just in time for more snow. Jessi can't wait to live somewhere warm and snow-free. Friday the 14th was Jessi's 26th birthday, and Mike gave her an awesome Kitchenaid mixer! Mike was the first one to use it (he must love to cook), and we got a great loaf of banana bread out of it.
This week is still Spring Break for the college, so Mike is up on campus working manual labor, and Jessi's working full time at Vanity. We're so grateful for our family and friends, and already missing them up here.

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  1. Hey I really like the picture that you have added. Looks great!!