Mar 23, 2008

Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires

We went in the mountains last night with a group of our "young adult" friends and made hobo dinners (elk, potato and carrots wrapped in tinfoil) and played with fire. It was tons of fun, and we got some pretty good pictures out of it. Jessi's wearing a hat and gloves that her sister, Lyn, brought all the way from Ireland for her. And they hardly smell like smoke!


  1. Yeah for blogs, I love doing them. It is fun to see what is going on in your life. You should get out our blog.

  2. This adventure looks a tad bit dangerous! :) When are you coming to Missoula? We miss you! Once it gets warmer, we'll be visiting Butte for a we can work on the house. I can't wait for you and Mike to meet Gracie.