Mar 7, 2008

Mid Terms Take the Fun Out of Life

This week and next week are mid-terms at Montana Tech, and they certainly don't make us excited to be in school. This has been one of the hardest semesters for both of us, since we are each taking 20 credit hours. The stress must be getting to us: Mike was sick with bronchitis most of last week and is just now feeling better; and Jessi has lost weight while she's been trying to gain it.
We're both so excited to travel back to Utah (home!) next weekend to welcome Jessi's sister, Lynsey, back home from her Dublin Ireland mission. Jessi has especially missed her for the last 18 months.


  1. 20 Credits???!! You two are such over-achievers. Good Luck! Jody & I think about you both often. Are you staying warm in Antarctica...oh wait, I mean Butte!?? We miss you!

  2. Wow you two are pretty busy. Have fun welcoming your sister home. It is always nice to leave Butte!