Jan 22, 2014

SLC Donut Dash 5K

The week after I ran in my first 5K, I ran in my second. The Salt Lake Heritage Foundation had their Second Annual Donut Dash. The premise is that you run the first half of the 5K, reach the donut station, eat as many donut holes as you can (and receive a time reduction based on how many donuts you can down), and run the second half, hopefully without vomiting. I fully planned on gorging on donuts to bring down my time (and, yummo, of course) but by the time I reached the donut station, I couldn’t stomach the thought of anything more than water. Still, I finished with a time of 38:06. Two weeks later, I realized why I was not in the mood for donuts – I was pregnant while I ran it! No more 5K’s for another couple months for me!

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