Jan 22, 2014

Moab Adventure 5K

In November, Mike and I competed in our first 5K. The Adventure 5K in Moab touts an incredible obstacle course, including crossing two rivers, hand climbing a rock face, rappelling down a cliff, and running through the sand and rocks of beautiful Moab. It was really fun, and a great first experience, because it motivated me to run a “real” 5K, one where I wouldn’t be stuck behind three dozen other racers, waiting in line for over 45 minutes to climb a wall or rappel off a mountain. Mike was less thrilled about the experience and said he’ll stick to biking the Iron Horse next summer. I’m so grateful my parents and sister met us in Moab to watch the kids and take what pictures they could. My favorite moment of the race was right near the end: as I was coming up to the obstacle course (where my folks were stationed for pictures) I passed by a group of women and I heard one say “She runs just like a deer!” Made my whole day! I also loved that as soon as Lily saw me (and later, Mike) she ran beside us, cheering us on. Such a sweet, awesome little girl.

Before we left Moab, we stopped at a big sand dune for the kids to roll around in. Lily and James love that Grampa will play with them even if it means getting dirty. Especially if it means getting dirty.

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  1. That last one of Roy & Lily looks like Lily is just wiped out from all the fun!
    I loved all of these...great memories.