Aug 13, 2013

James is Three

In the last few months, James has turned three, started potty-training, and gotten his tonsils out. He is such a loving and sweet boy, and very protective of his baby Gracie. A few times he would get ornery with me and say “I love Daddy the mostest!”… I would feel a little hurt that he loves Mike more than me, but I know he’s only three and doesn’t really know what he’s saying. Then a few days ago, he climbed into Grace’s crib after naptime and said “Mom, I love Grace the mostest” and I said “More than you love Daddy?” and he replied, “I love Grace more than Daddy loves Grace”. My whole perspective changed – I think he’s been saying “I love Daddy more than any of you love him”, not “I love Daddy more than I love you”. That made me feel much better, and just proves to me how much he loves his family.

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