May 19, 2012

Sweetest Dreams

Usually when the kids go to bed, I'm pretty strict about "No Noise, No Getting Out Of Bed". The kids get a warning, and then I shut their door. Neither of them like that. Well, last week Mike was out of town and I was just tired of being the "bad guy" all the time. I started putting them to bed and then going to my room and shutting the door. One night I went in to check on them and Lily had climbed out of her bed and into James's and they had fallen asleep together. It melted my heart.
Since then, Lily has begged for "sleep-overs". That used to mean she wanted Mike or me to sleep on her floor (and Mike has been a great sport and camped out with them a few times), but now it means she wants to curl up with James. I've given in once, figuring we can let it be a little treat whenever the kids don't need to get a good night's sleep. James still rolls around so much that he ends up getting kicked in the face during the middle of the night. I sure love my babies, and I'm so thrilled that they love each other!!

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  1. So sweet. Sibling interaction is adorable. I have so much to look forward to!