May 19, 2012

Garden Time

A couple weeks ago we transplanted several of our veggie plants outside. I checked the weather every day and any time the "low temperature for the day" threatened to be below 36 degrees, I covered the beds to protect our little seedlings. This last week it has been so warm and sunny, so I've left the cover off and some of our little plants are thriving! Others, like our cucumber and onions, are not doing so well. Oh well, live and learn. The radishes, mixed in with our lettuce, were seeds planted straight into the bed. The broccoli were starts we got from Native Roots (love them!). The basil must have been planted last year, because it came back with a vengeance! Everything else we started inside from seed.
Onion - this is the best looking out of 15 transplants
Top left: lettuce & radishes, zucchini in the middle, corn on bottom
Sad, sad cucumbers
Lily modeling next to our first red strawberry!
She's such a cute poser - don't know where she gets it from :)

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