Feb 24, 2012


I am notorious for my forgetfulness, and love to eat out. To keep from accidentally eating twice at a place that I didn't like, I decided to start "reviewing" the restaurants we visit while we're here in Colorado. If you're ever passing through, maybe we can take you to one of our favorites :)

No, not tequila,

When we came to Bayfield to look for a house, the first place we ate, courtesy of our fantastic Realtor (Karen Overington), was Tequila's, a Colorado-based chain of authentic Mexican restaurants. We have gone there several times since moving and love the food and the kid-friendly atmosphere. My FAVORITE thing to order is their Chicken in Mole Verde. It's a sweet mole sauce made with almonds, walnuts, squash seeds, and cinnamon (along with other ingredients). The portions are enormous and every time we eat there we have to remind ourselves that one dish can easily feed our entire family of four. Their food is so good it's hard not to order a dish for everyone.

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