Feb 22, 2012

14 Weeks and a Request for Books

Baby is the size of a: LEMON

Yay for starting the second trimester! Maybe I'll get some more energy and have less nausea. Finger's crossed!

I have spent the last week being a single mom and, after a two day break with Mike home, will spend the next 14 days a single mom again. *sigh* I'm very blessed to have sweet littles who play well together, and play willingly without my interaction. They have been more than content to be baby-gated in Lily's room with all the toys and a few sippy cups of juice while I take an hour nap, or a shower. I'm also very lucky my mom will be coming out to visit for a few days, and then accompanying us back to Utah for a few days. I'm happy we're only a 7 hour drive instead of a 26 hour drive (like Houston was).

Not having the energy to get up and actually unload the dishwasher, or fold the clean clothes, or vacuum our cracker-crumb-coated living room, I've been reading a lot of books. The kids and I go to the Bayfield Library every Monday and Wednesday (and sometimes Friday if we're particularly lucky) and pick up new books. I've forgotten what a voracious reader I am - I've gone through a book a day for the last 3 weeks (sometimes having to supplement from our own small collection of books). If you guys have any book suggestions (I most enjoy fiction, whether adult or young adult, dystopian novels, chick-lit, mystery, and historical fiction, but I'm willing to read just about any good book!) please send them my way!

One happy side-effect of all of my book reading has been James sudden interest in books. I have tried reading to him he way I did to Lily, starting with picture books as a baby and trying to move up with his development (Lily and I LOVED these Begin Smart Books, and we have a whole collection of them). James has never been interested in sitting down and looking at pictures or listening to stories. Lily still loves being read to, and begs several times a day for me to read to her, and we try to include James, who usually runs away kicking a ball or two. But recently I have caught him sitting in his room with a book on trains (it's only ever that book!) and it makes me happy to see him interested in a book! Friends who have little boys, what books did your little boys love?

Lily is in love with Fancy Nancy and we have about a dozen of the beginning reader Fancy Nancy's - but now I'm struggling with how to teach Lily to read so she can enjoy books without being stuck waiting for me to be available. What things worked for you guys who have little readers in your house?

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