Feb 12, 2012

Love My Littles

It's fun for me to see how Lily's mind works. We were driving into Durango last week and she saw truck tracks on the mountain. When I asked her what she thought they were, she said "They are tree tracks. The trees couldn't hold on and slid down the mountain." We read books together at bedtime, and her favorite, Everyone Poops, has a picture of a whale with the question "What does whale poop look like?". I love hearing her answers, which range from "I think an octagon" to "purple sparkly" and "big like me".

Language has started to click in James mind, and he's using two and three words together consistently now. I can never be sure that anyone other than Mike and me understand him, but it warms my heart to hear him say "Mo juice pease", or hand me his sippy cup and say "Here go Mama". Everytime he hears Gramma on the phone or Skype it's "Hi Gaga". Today it has snowed about an inch an hour (since last night) and looking out the window, he said, "Ow-side cold".

With the snow coming down like crazy, the kids are just itching to go outside - so here we go, for a little bit, until it's time for bed.

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