Feb 24, 2012

Ken & Sue's

I am notorious for my forgetfulness, and love to eat out. To keep from accidentally eating twice at a place that I didn't like, I decided to start "reviewing" the restaurants we visit while we're here in Colorado. If you're ever passing through, maybe we can take you to one of our favorites :)

For our date in January, Mike and I went to Ken & Sue's. We went without reservations and were lucky we got a table right away. I'm slowly learning to make reservation everywhere we go. I got comfortable in Houston just showing up at restaurants because there were so many that were rarely at full capacity. I had picked Ken & Sue's on a whim, not really seeing anything I loved jump out at me from their online menu, but I'm glad we went. Prepare yourself for an over-abundance of love - almost everything we got was flavorful and fantastic, and our server, Dana, was so attentive on a busy night. We went on a Friday, during Snowdown, so you can imagine how crowded and crazy it was. Our actual table that night:

We started with the Ginger Chicken Potstickers and Spicy Chicken Lettuce Wraps, both of which were phenomenal. I loved the orange-honey dipping sauce for the potstickers, and the spicy sauce on the lettuce wraps was amazing. Mike, of course, got a virgin mojito, and said it was great. It better have been great, he got three of them. I got their Baby Greens Salad, which came with gorgonzola, apples, walnuts, and tobacco onions in a shallot vinaigrette, and ate it all before remembering I'm not supposed to eat soft cheeses during pregnancy. I dream about that salad. SO good. Mike's main dish was Pistachio Crusted Grouper with mashed sweet potatoes and a vanilla rum butter sauce (YUM!) and my main dish was Angel Hair Pasta with oven-dried tomatoes and roasted garlic. I waffled between that and the Herb Seared Chicken stuffed with sun-dried tomatoes, and goat cheese in a roasted garlic sauce. I should have gotten the chicken. The pasta was good, the portion was HUGE, but the flavor was a little too mild for me. I also got a side of their Potato Lasagna (really just potatoes au gratin) and was really disappointed. It needed salt, or a more flavorful cheese. It was well cooked, and very creamy, but tasteless. The dessert I got, Banana Foster Creme Caramel, was absolutely delicious, like a caramel flan with banana slices fanned around it. Mike got the Molten Chocolate Cake (make sure you order it with dinner because it takes 20 minutes to cook). His came with a coconut ice cream that was the perfect complement to the rich dark chocolate.

I'm, obviously, really looking forward to going back to Ken & Sue's!

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