Feb 24, 2012

East by Southwest

I am notorious for my forgetfulness, and love to eat out. To keep from accidentally eating twice at a place that I didn't like, I decided to start "reviewing" the restaurants we visit while we're here in Colorado. If you're ever passing through, maybe we can take you to one of our favorites :)

For Valentine's Day, we went to East by Southwest. I was surprised they didn't have a special Valentine's menu, but it just makes deciding whether to go back or not that much easier. You know, 'cuz we ate from the real menu, so we know their food is *always* tasty. Spoiler alert: it is, and we will go back. East by Southwest is a Japanese fusion restaurant with great sushi. Of course, you'll have to take Mike's word on that, since I don't eat raw fish, regardless of pregnancy. They did have a delicious vegetarian roll, which I got, and will get again.
Vegetarian sushi platter

Sashimi platter

We started with Edemame, with a Seaweed Salad for Mike and an Organic Greens Salad (greens, wasabi peas, daikon radish with miso sesame dressing) for me. And Mike got his virgin mojito. He says they are some of the best mojitos he's had. And he's had a lot. Lush.

I ordered Pineapple Fried Rice with Chicken for my main dish, and Mike got the Nigiri Sushi and Roll Platter. He chose the Spicy Tuna Roll, which he really liked. The fried rice was full of flavor, the chicken was well cooked, and it was beautifully served in half a pineapple. The leftovers were great too. As we were enjoying our dinners, Mike decided he really wanted an East by Southwest Roll (which is a California roll wrapped with white fish, broiled with dynamite sauce finished w/ sweet soy, sesame seeds & scallions) and I decided I'd try their Thai Veggie Roll (which has peanuts, peanut sauce, inari tofu, asparagus, takuwan, yamagobo, cilantro, & Thai sweet chili sauce). Both were delicious! I haven't talked much about Mike's meal, the sushi, because when I ask him he says it was great. Great is fine - but for a better idea of whether their sushi is worth it, know that ANY time we want to go out to dinner, and ANY time he gets to make lunch suggestions at work, he chooses East by Southwest.

We will definitely go back, and maybe next time I'll be brave and try some (cooked) sushi rolls.

*All the pictures in this post are from East by Southwest's website.

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