Jan 14, 2012

New Year's Party for the Littles

In the past, Mike and I celebrated New Year's by blowing things up :) In Montana, you were allowed to set off fireworks for a week before and a week after New Year's Day. And we did. In Houston, you could buy pretty big fireworks and they were lots of fun to set off. Here in Colorado, there were no firework stands, no fireworks in the store, and no fireworks in our box of holiday supplies. Sad. We were so lucky to be invited to a friend's New Year's party, and it opened my eyes to a new way of celebrating with littles. We celebrated with potluck appetizers, sparkling juice, and a countdown to noon instead of midnight. The family who hosted it dropped a pinata from the ceiling for the kids to break into. Afterwards we tried to light sparklers, but it was too windy. I think we'll try to make this a tradition - Countdown to Noon with the Littles!

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