Jan 18, 2012

Lily's New Trick

For a long time, Lily's favorite game with Mike was called "One, two, threeeeee". On "three", Mike would toss Lily as high into the air as he could. Recently she has decided that it is a scary game. Luckily, Mike taught her a new game that she adores. She plays it over and over until she can't stand up any more. We haven't named this game yet, any suggestions? (Look at the pictures from top left, down - up to top right, and down. I couldn't get a collage that just put them from top to bottom in one row. Hrmph.)


  1. We've always called it "Ladybug" or "Ladybug Flip".
    I started calling it that when I was little enough to walk up my daddy's legs!

    1. That is the perfect name for it! We started calling it a Ladybug Flip and Lily loves it!