Jun 3, 2011


Lily has had a great month. The things that I want to remember about her now are...

...how polite she is. She says "Thank you", unprompted, after receiving a compliment. She's learning to say "Yes, ma'am", even if most of the time it sounds like "Ye'm". When you ask her how she's doing, she always responds "I'm feeling good". Today she was particularly thoughtful: I unexpectedly went to the doctor and had to take her and James with me. She was in the room for the exam and had questions about what the doctor did. I tried explaining very simply "I'm hurting and the doctor checked to make sure I'm ok". About 6 hours later, she came up to me and said "Mama, is your body feeling better now?" Melt my heart, little girl. And on that note...

...how sweet she is. We were in Walmart and the checker asked how old the kids are. Upon learning Lily is 2ish, she said "Oh kids are SO awful that age!" I jumped to Lily's defense, because in all honesty she doesn't throw tantrums and can usually be reasoned with. (I know I'm incredibly blessed with her, and don't expect it to last, or to rub off on any other children we have/may have LOL). The one thing she does when she's upset *which, of course I find adorable* is growl. Not like *RAWR*, but like a french-woman rolling her "r's", or Chewbacca voicing his disapproval. The best thing about this is she's taught James, and he now follows suit.

...how much she loves to play. She can spend all evening running around the backyard, begging to chase or be chased, playing in the sprinklers, hiding behind the shed, looking for bugs, and collecting rocks. I love spending time with her, and I'm trying to verbalize to her how much fun I have being her mama.

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