Jun 24, 2011

Learning to Share

...kind of. I was on FB and read a friend's post about her little girl leaving goldfish crackers in her bed and I remembered something about Lily that I just had to record for the ages :)

When Lily was about 18 months old and we were teaching her not to play with our things (like the electronics on Mike's nightstand, or the earplugs/eye mask on my nightstand) we did what every parent probably does: we'd grab one of her toys and trade her for our "toy". It didn't take long before Lily caught on to this kind of bartering, "I'll give you *this* for *that*". I would go looking for something off of my desk and find it replaced with one of Lily's toys. Ha, it makes me laugh to think of. She learned that if she wanted to play with something of ours, she better trade us something of hers!

Now that she's older and we're trying to teach her to share with James, I see her doing a very similar thing. When James has something she wants, she goes and picks out the most bright, garish toy in the room and distracts him with it. Most of the time it works for her. What a smart little girl!

1 comment:

  1. HAHAHA so cute. I can just picture her timid little self 'trading' something of her for yours while you aren't watching. haha she is so clever.