Feb 21, 2011

Two Going on Twelve

As Lily is growing up, we've been giving her the chance to make her own choices: chicken or hot dogs, crib or big-girl-bed (or neither),

pants or skirt (or both).

Lily has been taking her role as a "big girl" to heart. She is helpful with James. The other day as I was making lunch, James started to cry and before I could even react, Lily put her hand up and said "No I do it!"

She walked over, said "S'ok James *shhhh*" and put his plug in his mouth while she pat his head.

While waiting in line at the store, she dances and twirls to make him laugh.

I think we need to take her to the zoo more often, since she thinks giraffes say "RAWR", elephants say "a-choo" and roosters say "bawk-bawk-toodleloo"!

I want her to slow down and stop being such a little grown up; at the library last week, she wasn't dancing during toddler time, so I held her arms and made her move (marionette-like) to the song.

She looked up at me with serious eyes and said "Mama, stop it".

Hold up, shouldn't she wait until she's twelve to be embarrassed of me in public?

Sidenote: Yes, I am aware most of these pictures don't match what I'm describing, but they were the closest I could find :) Guess I need to carry my camera around in my back pocket all day and night too!


  1. That's what a phone is for. I actually haven't used my camera since the batteries died at lily's birthday party! I still love the pictures even if they don't match. She's getting so big, I'm excited you're coming so I can see her before she gets even bigger

  2. This is so fun for me to hear stories about your cute little one, since I have never met her. The picture of her sleeping on TOP of the couch is hilarious! Keep the updates coming. You look really pretty in that last picture Jessi.

  3. So SWEET! What a smartie! She's just really great at that "oldest" role, I guess, huh? :-D

    As an oldest child, I can relate. (My mom says poor Wade never knew what his real name was until he was three years old-- I was always telling him who he was when we played make-believe. Which was all the time. I can't figure out why he doesn't appreciate all my good parenting of him. Sheesh!)

    You are so blessed with that little serious sweetheart! (That picture of Lily's and James' backs while they are laying down is ADORABLE!!!)

  4. I love your blog!
    Your creativity, love and desire to be a good Mom are evident. I am proud of you and your accomplishments!
    I think weekly of who you were as my tiny, vocal and serious little grown-up and what a wonderful daughter and person you have become. Having been an observer of it all you are even more amazing to me!
    Don't be so discouraged with growing old. Just relax and enjoy the wonders of watching your little family grow to become your peers and best friends.
    I love you!