Oct 18, 2010

One, Two, Three, Circle, Square

It's fall, my favorite season! Of course, here in Houston it still feels like summer. And that's ok - after 4 years of winter in Montana, I need some extra summer time.

Lily is almost two - next month! - and doing so many new things that I have to write about so I don't forget them when she's older. She can count to "10", she knows her shapes, she knows the names of colors (but not which colors are which), and has started to put phrases together.
She thinks that "cute" and "scary" are opposites (we went to Hogle Zoo and a big elephant statue scared her - ever since, she recalls the "scary elephant sneezing" and the "baby elephant cute"), and that "cute" and "happy" are interchangeable (she had a conversation with Mike that went "Cucumber", "cute cumber?", "CUCumber", "happy cumber!").
She is so quick to pick up on our speech; for example, when she annoys me by coloring where she shouldn't, or throwing food on the floor, I say "Honey!" Then a few days ago, I turned off The Wiggles when she was watching and she looked at me and said "honey!" She likes to pretend to be animals (jumping around yelling "ooh ooh" like a monkey, or crawling on the floor like a puppy). She sings nonsense to herself while we're driving places.
She chatters to herself as she falls asleep - this one is the most hilarious to me! We were in Utah visiting my folks and I put her to bed, only to hear her shouting "One! Two! Three! Circle! Square! Circle! Square!" She ran through all the words she knew, over and over, until she was all tired out.
She is such a good big sister. Any time James starts to fuss, she runs over and puts his plug in his mouth. If he spits it out, she'll hold it in! She loves to hold and hug him.

James is my stocky little man! He is 4 months, and two pounds lighter than Lily! He's going to gain on her so fast, they'll look like twins soon. Since we've gotten James' reflux under control, he's turned into a happy baby. He loves to smile and giggle. When he thinks I'm not in the room, he'll babble to himself almost constantly. As soon as he sees my face, he's quiet! I'm still trying to catch him on video camera.
We visited Utah a few weeks ago while Mike was in Southern Utah for work.

Lily loved to swing on the rope swing Grampa Barrus made for her, and rode a horse.
She got to blow bubbles with both sets of grandparents!
We went to the zoo and she thought the giraffe's spots were owies (you can see her signing "crying" because she thought it was hurting). She loved visiting the Centerville McDonalds play area (and I loved "visiting" their chicken sammie) and going to the park. At the park she got to ride the "happy 'saur". Lily fell in love with Uncle Matt and now calls every young adult male "Matt".


  1. Oh, my goodness! They are both so cute and getting sooo big! One of these days we need to get Lily and Ava together-- they'll babble up a storm, I know! :-)

  2. We'll have to have a birthday party for her when you guys are here for thanksgiving!

  3. James is only 2 pounds lighter than Lily...CRAZY! He looks so cuddly - I just want to hug and hold him!! :) I'm happy to hear things are better with the acid reflux - that is so hard when they are in pain because then mom loses alot of sleep and sanity...

    Cute kids - cute family! We miss you guys.

  4. I love your long hair! I chopped mine off a few weeks ago and I don't think I like it. I'm having such a hard time finding time to shower every day. Let alone do my hair!! Anyway, you look awesome!! And your kids are adorable!