May 11, 2010

Food Storage Round Up : Week Three

We have had a rough week, so I'm a few days late posting this weeks menu. Lily got roseola and my pregnancy nausea has returned with a vengeance. Happy Mother's Day to me! Because we weren't feeling well during the week, I ended up making soup and sandwiches from "tilapia night" on. Those meals I planned but didn't make are going to help me have some flexibility when something doesn't sound good to me. On a more positive note, I've now gone a week without "real" milk! I've totally weaned myself off of mixing whole milk with reconstituted powdered milk, and I think that until I run out of powdered milk or need whole milk for baby James, I won't be buying milk for myself. However, my sister is coming to visit me next week and for her sake, I'll buy a gallon of milk while she's here. I'm currently making my 2nd batch of yogurt and am excited to see if it turns out as well as it did last time.

Our tentative menu for this week was:

Crockpot Asian Peanut Butter Pork
Burritos (although in reality I'll probably just do the "brown beef, add seasoning packet" kind of burritos because I'm not sure I feel up to a big amount of cooking this week)
Fankuuchens (I don't know how this is really supposed to be spelled)
Chicken Lo Mein
BBQ Curried Chicken

Happy cooking this week, and I hope you have more energy and less sickness than our family has had!

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