May 29, 2010

Falling Behind

Swinging with Daddy at the park:
Windy day with Aunt Lynsey:

Swimming at a friend's pool:

Lily loves to be tossed in the air:

And she loves smelling pretty flowers:

I know I'm 2 weeks overdue on recipes and food storage updates, but dang-it I don't want to go to the effort :) I will probably find the time here in the next week to post the last two weeks and next weeks menu. But much more excitingly... I went to our OB on Wednesday and we are dilated to 4 cm. Baby James isn't scheduled to join our family until June 16th, but he may make an early entrance. I would be thrilled if he showed up this week (and more specifically this weekend) so I'm doing everything in my power to get the contractions going: chores, walking, more chores, running up and down the stairs, "special time" with the hubs ;) etc, etc... Lily's final days were very similar to this - we were dilated to a 4 on a Thursday, false labor on Friday night, water breaking Saturday night. I'm feeling fairly calm about it all, because it seems so familiar. If any of you are inclined to pray, please pray that Baby James decides to join our family when my doctor is in town and on-call. Hopefully I'll have more updates (and recipes) posted soon.

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  1. I'm sad he didn't come this weekend too, we could have been birthday buddies! Hopefully he comes soon.