Apr 5, 2010

Wedding Season

My sister got engaged in March *yay* and I get to be a bridesmaid! I'm a little nervous about ordering a dress. You see, I'm due with a baby boy on June 16th, and Lyns is getting married July 3rd. Do I order a larger size in case I don't lose the baby pooch as fast as I did with Lily? If you recall, I was back into my pre-preggo jeans 2 weeks after her birth. I went ahead and ordered the dress today - in the size I hope to be able to wear :) I'm getting it from Shabby Apple.
I'm really excited about it and hope my Belly Bandit will help me fit into it post-James!

Got the dress, and it's a great maternity dress! I sure hope I lose the weight to make it cute in July!

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