Apr 5, 2010

Easter Weekend

This year Lily was just old enough to figure out an Easter egg hunt, so we did a small one in our living room. Mike held her while I "hid" eggs on the couches and bookshelf - she watched me because we didn't want to make it too hard. Then we let her loose! After she found the first egg and cracked it open for the candy, she didn't want to search any more. We only let her eat a few M&M's and the ears off our bunny Peeps. She loves the toys the Easter bunny brought her (plastic musical instruments and magnetic alphabet).
She also got a card from my parents (aka Gramma and Grampa Barrus) that we let her open. She's been carrying it around the house all weekend. We wish we were closer to family to celebrate Easter, but are so thankful for the blessings of the Atonement no matter where we are living.


  1. I agree its tough being away from family during the holidays!
    Lily is so cute. Can't believe she is 16 months old already.
    And I love your other blog! I plan to make some of those recipes.

  2. Oh, she looks so CUTE! :-) (I love the piggie tails!)

    Happy late Easter!

  3. She is SO big and So cute! We wish you guys were closer for Easter too.

  4. Lilly is such a doll! Merrick is especially found of her. Which, I'm sure you're already a ware of. I'm sorry her first peck on the lips was by my son :)Awe...I wish we would have got a pic :(

  5. Such a cutie. Here is our blog: