Apr 22, 2010

Joy in the Journey

Last Saturday I went to the cannery to stock up on our food storage. I spent 4 hours with friends (Shandi and Haylie) measuring, pouring, cleaning and canning. After all was said and done, we piled a year supply of storage for Shandi, 5 boxes (of 6 #10 cans each) of storage for Haylie, 4 boxes for me, and a box and a half for another woman in the ward into the back of my Highlander.
Once I got home, I was shocked at the amount of food we have in our pantry. I have nowhere to put my newly acquired food storage! That set my mind in motion.
This week I decided that I'm going to learn to use my food storage. Not just use it in an emergency, but learn to use it in my day to day living. I sat down and made up a meal calendar using recipes that call for what I already have on hand. Keep in mind, I said our pantry is well stocked - so really this shouldn't be much of a challenge. I was able to come up with 6 weeks of meals, with no recipe being used twice. Meaning, I am not going to do ANY grocery shopping for the next 6 weeks.
I'm going to try and blog about the roadblocks I come up against, the tips and tricks I find to make food storage more palatable, and hopefully come out at the other end better prepared to use and rotate through my pantry!

*SIDE NOTE: I have been accused of "uber-nesting" by a friend. I'm not just happy to clean my house and get organized, but I'm almost looking for other ways to occupy my already crazy mind. It's going to be a long 8 weeks.


  1. haha, that is a good idea, I should probably know how to use pretty much anything in the food stroage we have, but I don't. We have it stacked under our table and under our bed. lol, we are high classes.

  2. It was great fun! Glad I had friends to do it with. Wish I didn't have to grocery shop for 6 weeks. I need some of those awesome recipes.

  3. 8 weeks left. WHOOHOOOO!! Good luck with your food storage adventure. Can't wait to see how it goes.

  4. good luck! I've been doing this for a few months as well and have really liked not HAVING to go shopping. BTW-I love new recipes! Share some of your favorites!