Apr 23, 2010

The Adventure Begins!

My meal calendar is deceiving - I actually started our foray into food storage cooking 2 days ago. So far we've eaten lasagna (from our freezer) and waffles with fruit. You can see on that calendar that I've left Wednesday open for leftovers (some of my recipe's make a lot of food) or easy things, like homemade mac & cheese or quick taco soup.

I better start by giving you an idea of what's already in our pantry.
Lots of food. In our deep-freezer we have shredded cheese, berries, veggies, bread, a variety of meats, and 2 dozen frozen dinners. I feel almost overwhelmed by the options I have! As I went through my menu calendar, only a few ingredients/foods gave me pause; how do I learn to live without yogurt and milk? How will I make yummy pastas without cream cheese? I can't give up sour cream or cottage cheese! And eggs, oh lovely eggs, will a powdered substitution do you justice?

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  1. GIRL...I'm so impressed. You are ready to have a baby or for a volcano to explode. You are so prepared! :) We could all take a lesson from this. Thanks for the reminder.