Mar 17, 2010

Photos of the last week....

Bedtime stories with Daddy - Isn't that an awesome 'do?

Picture Perfect - Lily found an old photo mat in the garbage and walked around the house like this, framing her face, for hours.

Lily loves tickles from Daddy. In fact, she never laughs near as hard or loud when Mama tickles her.

Such a hottie at the dr's office.

Pure happiness - Lily loves Mama's chocolate cookies (easiest recipe ever: 1 box chocolate cake mix, 1 stick of melted butter, 1 egg - Mix, scoop, bake @ 350 for 8-10 min).

6 months along! Not a very good shot, but I'm still getting used to my iPhone camera.


  1. Cute pics. You look great.

  2. hey.... I hope you survived your week without your hubby. It great to hang out with him again... it reminded me of all the Good Times we have had. If you ever want to come up for the week let me know, I'll change the sheets and baby proof my house. Well I hope things are going good with the next one on the way.