Feb 8, 2010

Yay for Photos

Mike helped me find our camera cord, so here are a few pics of the last couple of weeks. Here's Lily hiding in the bathroom cabinet:

She loves to try and plug things into the wall (we have outlet covers, but this is a photo of her trying to plug in headphones to the cable hole):

Lily loves hiding, and discovered her old bouncy chair stored away in Baby James' room:

Yes, I went crazy and cut myself some bags. They're not much to look at, but they work :)

I figured out how to make my naturally wavy/frizzy hair to work in the Houston humidity - product, product and MORE product:

This is what I was going for with the bangs (and I probably will make an appointment to have a professional achieve this look):
My new-to-me car, the Highlander:
So, all in all, we're doing not much of anything :)


  1. Those pictures were worth the wait, girlie. Like your new-to-you car. The bangs are dandy. Love the cute baby girl shots.

  2. Great pictures! I think your bangs are totally cute and it seems like it wouldn't take that much to make them look just like Jennifer Garner's. Maybe some tapering and thinning on the bottom? I want to see pictures of your house..but more than that I want to come visit it.

  3. cute pictures of lily! and I like the car!

  4. You are super brave and secretly talented at cutting bangs girl. Nice work! They look nice.

    Lily is adorable, and she looks like so much fun!