Feb 8, 2010

So so sick

I ran out of my anti-nausea pills on Saturday. I have been so pregnancy nauseated with both of these babies that I take Zofran to keep from passing out on a daily basis. I ran out but planned on hitting up the pharmacy after a Stake RS activity. Too bad the activity went over (I'm still glad I went to get to know the ladies better) and by the time I left, the pharmacy was closed. I spent yesterday feeling fine! I thought for sure I had passed my "morning"-sickness phase (it's about time, at 24 weeks along). Until early this morning, that is. I had the joy of discovering how disgusting our toilets are (all 3 of them) multiple times before 11:30 (when my Rx was finally ready for me). So guess who deep cleaned all the toilets today? Yup, me! Gagging all the way.

Lily's had a runny nose all week and that sure didn't help me today. Just the thought of her snotty little face has me dry heaving into the waste basket.
C'mon, Zofran, kick in and save me!

I'm thinking of getting a haircut. Inspired by my doppleganger...
I gave myself a haircut (bad idea) and will be taking this pic with me when I make an appointment at the Paul Mitchell school downtown:
And a comparison shot of what I did:

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