Feb 23, 2010

Lily Learns About Music

This week I've been decluttering the house. We still have stacks of boxes that haven't been unpacked (mostly pictures and tchotchkes). As I'm working through them I'm finding all sorts of broken electronics that are missing their cords. Or vice versa, cords that are missing their electronics. The one unbroken thing I found was Mike's old Creative Zen (pre-iPod). I powered it up for Lily and plugged in some speakers. It's pretty clunky and slow (perfect for a 15 month old) and Lily has loved being in charge of the music. She figured out that to make the music stop, she just has to unplug the speaker. She bops around the house while hitting ">>" and "<<" over and over. It sure makes for some interesting dance mixes :) I'll try and catch her in the act and post a photo. Not like we don't already have enough photos...
Lily rediscovered her bouncy seat and loves to lounge in it with her favorite cow.
Here Lily has accessorized her outfit with reusable grocery bags *ahem* I mean, purses.
She waits at the front window for her daddy to come home.
And helps mama fold the clothes.
She figured out the stairs are the perfect height for her. I think it'll do great as a "naughty step".


  1. aww, I love the picture of her with the cow behind her head!

  2. The Alien Pony Tail is always a favorite of mine. Her hair looks so cute!! It looks like she is a good "helper" around the house.

    And Yippee for no more Third Person.... ha ha :)