Feb 15, 2010

Girls Week In

Mike is gone to Farmington, NM for the week for work, so it's just us girls. I'm trying to look at this as special-"us"-time instead of crap-I'm-not-going-to-get-a-break-for-5-days time. It started out especially hard to look at it that way since I spent 3 1/2 hours driving Mike to the airport at the butt crack of dawn. To make a boring story less boring, we got halfway to the airport when one of Mike's coworkers called needing a ride, so we turned around and after many life-threatening cuts across 6 lanes of traffic, I got them to the airport (alive, I might add) with 10 minutes to spare, instead of the 2 hours we had planned. The ride home was *even better* because I spent half an hour at a dead stop because a semi-truck accident was blocking all 6 lanes and we were having to trickle, one car at a time, through the emergency lane. (No one was hurt in the accident, so I can complain and not feel as bad) By the time my morning was over, I could have driven from Butte to Idaho Falls (a trip I am VERY familiar with, and would have made much more willingly). Lucky for me, I have a pretty happy little girl who was content to get dressed and go shopping! We visited Target and found some great stuff to put together for her (and James's) bathroom: Imagine a shower curtain and bath rug to match the towels - adorable!! Later this week we're off to Marshall's and TJ Maxx to see if we can find an inexpensive living room rug to "anchor" our new furniture (and yes, I did move the pillows to each couche for the pictures. I wanted you to see how marvelously a red couch goes with an olive couch): I love shopping.

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