Oct 11, 2009

Butte, I missed you, but my aim's getting better

We got back to Butte and into a routine. August was such a warm month - just what I was looking for all summer! Lily and I have gone walking outside every morning, sometimes with a new friend, sometimes just by ourselves. It's been great to get out and enjoy the nice weather. Lily has gotten so mobile, I can't keep anything out of her mouth! Just today she's eaten a pad of post-it notes, a pear core she pulled out of the garbage, the holes she found in the hole-punch, and a random assortment of thread cuttings left over from sewing projects! She sure is fun though.
September started National Sewing Month. I wasn't truly aware of the "holiday", but I sure sewed a ton before I found out it was official! I pieced together the Cabin Quilt that Mike's family had organized:
...For Lily, 2 dresses, a sweater dress, the tutu in the above picture & 2 pairs of leggings:
...2 skirts for me (same pattern so I'm only posting this photo):
...2 slings (a fancy brocade and one that I don't have a picture of):

All in all a pretty great month :) I sure am feeling productive and happy to be back in my home!

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